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“I find this group very positive and uplifting in many ways. Everyone benefits enormously from this own personal experience is like an awakening”

“It’s a focal point of my life. I don’t go out or socialise apart from this”

“Because of the group I want to go on and study art further - I have kept what I’ve done here for a portfolio”


“Being in the group builds confidence I feel able to talk more easily here knowing that everyone has the time and patience”


I never thought I’d do drawing - I’d never set foot in a museum or gallery before the group”

“It gets us out of the house - we’re not stuck in isolation”

“Since having a stroke, I keep a busy schedule with a lot of speech therapy and excerise classes. While these are beneficial to me, at times it’s overwhelming. Since starting art classes, I’ve found a way to keep calm and enjoy my time - I’m incredibly grateful. I wish we could have more than one class a month!”


“I’ve been coming since 2013 and as a result my reading and concentration have improved tremendously because of drawing”


“When we go out in the world we can talk about our drawing class - it gives us something to talk about. We have a laugh here, it’s fun - when you’ve had a stroke there’s not a lot that’s funny”


“I go to more exhibitions now as we started going as a group - and when I’m at home I feel like drawing”


“When you have difficulties with communication art is an inspiration - a huge arena opened up”

“When I was fighting housing and benefits issues I was able to argue because I got the confidence and courage here”


“There’s little enough for disabled people now”

“Having tea and chatting with the group is lovely!”

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